Ducks in field  

Welcome to J&K Duck Club.  These properties are situated in the heart of the Pacific Flyway in Northern California. Jim has over 25 years of guiding and duck club management experience in the North Valley. As a result of this vast experience he has been able to identify areas in the valley where ducks tend to migrate on an annual basis. He has been very fortunate to secure long term leases of properties in this flyway assuring our hunters of outstanding hunting opportunities.  This is not to suggest a person hunting doesn’t have to put in the time and energy to have a great hunting experience but they can be assured birds will consistently be in the area.


J and K Enterprises Duck Club has 2 areas in the valley to choose from. Both are in excellent flyways.  These properties are located in Butte County near Little Dry Creek and Glenn County, West of Sacramento Refuge.  Each of the areas offer 2, 3 and 4 man lockable blinds which have been purchased from Duckblinds Unlimited out of Chico California.


It is our desire to provide each member the best waterfowl experience possible. Please look through the links at the left for blind location and information. For purchase information please contact Jim. 

Jim Dally - (530) 877-4133

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